Thermo optical painting

Paint systems

  • Hardware size: max. 2m2
  • Painting booth: ISO Class 8 grade
  • Masking: yes
  • Paints: MAP PU1, MAP SG121FD, MAP PUK, Aeroglaze Z306
  • Primer: yes, but with the application of our conversion coating not necessary
  • Technology: fully manual, not automatic
  • Overpainting: within 1-2 days of application of conversion coating


  • Corrosion: 240h humidity test
  • Bake-out: 72h, 60°C, 10-5 mbar
  • TVC: 100 cycles ±100°C
  • Adhesion: superior cross-cut and peel test


  • Acceptance by ESA and Airbus
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