Thermal control system

in space.

Thermal control (sub)system (TCS)

Proper thermal control of a satellite is one of the key components to success of missions. Thermal control is absolutely essential for both the physical integrity of the satellite and for its efficient operation because electronic equipment have their optimum performance within a certain temperature range. The function of the thermal control (sub)system (TCS) is to keep all the satellite’s component systems within acceptable temperature ranges during all mission phases. The thermal control subsystem can be composed of both passive and active items.

ADMATIS offers the whole build-to-spec package including:

  • System design
  • Design passive components (MLI, radiator, coating, thermal filler, thermal washer, doublers, SSM, thermal strap)
  • Design active components (heater, thermocouples, thermistor, heat pipe, thermoelectric cooler)
  • Building Thermal Mathematical Models (TMM)
  • Thermal analysis (SolidWorks simulation, NASTRAN, ESATAN)
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Integration
  • Test

Active thermal control system (ATCS) components include:

  • Thermostatically controlled resistive electric heaters to keep the equipment temperature above its lower limit during the mission’s cold phases,
  • Thermocouples and thermistors to measure the temperature,
  • Fluid loops to transfer the heat emitted by equipment to or on the radiators.
  • Louvers (which change the heat rejection capability to space as a function of temperature),
  • Thermoelectric coolers.
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