3d measurement
„If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.”

(Lord Kelvin)

3D Measuring services at Admatis


Admatis offers 3D measurement service at a competitve price. The following 3D measurement machines are available for dimensional inspection:

Microservice 3D

The Microservice 3D is a Coordinate Measuring Machine, which has 800mm x 1500mm x 600mm [XxYxZ Axis] measuring range. It has 0.72 m3 measuring volume. Micro 3D has low sensitivity to temperature change due to air bearings and granite, threated inserts. Its single stylus form error is 0.0025 mm, repeatability range is 0.0024 mm, volumetric length meas. error is (2.5+L/350)μm between 18-22°C and (2.7+L/250)μm between 16-26°C.



Faro Prime is a 6 Axis Measurement Arm, which has 1.8 m diameter spherical working volume. It is capable to measure „anywhere” due to integrated battery. Its accuracy is ± 0.027mm, repeatability is 0.019mm..



HandyPROBE is a portable optical Coordinate Measuring Machine, which has 9.1 or 16.6m measuring volume. Due to its portability it allows flexible and effective measurement. The part, C-Track and the wirelss probe can be moved freely during the measurement. Its accuracy is 0.025 mm, repeatability is 0.060mm or 0.088 mm depending on which measuring volume is in use.
We prepare a report about every measurement, which is handed over to the customer. The reports are written in English, and due to their structure and appearance, the measurement results can be easily interpreted and evaluated. On our website, you can find measurement report samples generated by the softwares of our measuring machines.

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