Telekom Hello Business – Interview with Tamás Bárczy

On the 23rd of April 2023, an interview with the CEO of ADMATIS, Tamás Bárczy was published by Telekom Hello Business, a long term initiative by Magyar Telecom PLC. with the goal of educating both entrepreneurs and companies on many different fields of the business world and on how to improve and navigate themselves through them.


In the interview Mr. Bárczy discusses the early days of the company, the many struggles of the early days and what kept the team driving forward towards the eventual success. He also gives some advice to anyone who would like to start a business in the space industry.


The full interview can be read here (Please note, that the interview is written in Hungarian): Az Admatis Miskolcról hódította meg a világűrt


Featured image credited to Magyar Telekom PLC.

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