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Infrared images (IRI) to make heat visible is a popular technology in this 21 st century available for everyone - be it the industry or anyone interested. These "heat shots" are made by IR cameras showing surface temperature of objects or the lives captured by camera lenses.
Camera just looks at it and the coloured picture tell you immediately and exactly the temperature of seen surfaces without any physical contact and causing no or minimum unconveniencies. Colours are equivalents of temperature detected. Image consists of at least 76 800 heat data creating a visual map of temperature.

Several nicknames circulating in media (read list below) has the very same meaning, i.e. the IR camera made picture of heat.
Let's get aquainted with some expressions in use : heat image, heat map, heat photo, IR photo, infra photo, infra image, IR shot, thermovision, thermophoto, thermography.

Infra red images are used most frequently by heat insulation investigations of buildings. One of most important characteristics of a building is how they keep warm inside in winter and don't let it in at highest summertime. The best way to find out insulation capability of houses leads through making IRIs. It is easy to observe the insulations out of order and to name the weak points of heating/cooling management. Consequently becomes it clear which part of building is to be repaired/reconstructed to achieve improvement most economically.

It is also advisable before final decision on purchasing a building, home to have an investigation of heat insulation status using infrared camera to lower the risk of surprises appearing as unexpected high energy costs or eventually as mouldings on walls in the future.

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