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Development of Satellite Components

The project was the first space industrial development project of the New Széchenyi Plan GOP tendering system financed by Hungary supported by EC. The main goal was to build up a selection of key technologies and hardware prototypes for satellite industry. Widening the space capabilities inside Hungary is essential step forward to be an accepted subcontractor of big international primes. In the two years long project six areas were identified to develop:

  • Manufacturing of satellite small and medium size metallic parts
  • Large Mechanical Ground Segment Equipment (MGSE)
  • Vibration tests
  • Surface treatments
  • Lightweight sandwich materials
  • Engineering (specification, design, finite element modelling)

ADMATIS coordinated the consortia with members:

As results of project several procedures have been developed and qualified according to Sentinel-2 and CHEOPS mission requirements and a set of prototypes designed, analyzed, built up and verified successfully.

Project statistics:

  • 71 employees
  • 49 procedures
  • 364 documents
  • 168 technical drawings and 3D models
  • 559 prototypes
  • 1292 test plates

Manufactured hardware components::

  • MGSE, adapter rings with 1.5 m diameter
  • MGSE, trolley
  • Passive radiators
  • Optical barrell with lens fixation devices
  • Isostatic Mounts
  • Sandwich panels with honeycomb, plastic and metal foam cores
  • Panel inserts
  • Composite Telescope Baffle

Developed technologies:

  • Machining of aluminium, titanium, and INVAR steel
  • Precision manufacturing of large MGSE
  • Aluminium welding technology certified by TÜV
  • Bonding of aluminium for low temperature application
  • Bonding of aluminium for elevated temperature application
  • Conversion coating with hexavalent chromate for aluminium alloys
  • Environmental friendly conversion coating with trivalent chromate for aluminium alloys
  • Black paintings for thermo-optical applications
  • White painting for thermo-optical applications
  • Anodizing technology for aluminium alloys
  • Manufacturing of sandwich panels with insert installation