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CHEOPS satellite were successfully launched with Admatis components on board.     Admatis Ltd successfully closed the THIN project during the final presentation held at ESTEC.     Representatives of Admatis attended the ARIEL satellite Progress Meeting held at Warsaw.     As a part of ESA Clean Space project, Admatis Ltd. has developed infrared and phosphorescent markers for satellites.     Representatives of Admatis visited the CHEOPS satellite in which Admatis components have been integrated. IRepresentatives of Admatis attended the Industry Space Days held in the ESTEC.



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  d CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite     s Development of Satellite Components   a Sentinel-2 MSI-MMTH   a Foam Casting and Utilization in Space     d Universal Multizone Crystallizator  
  d FPA and FEE radiator development       s Equipment for Sentinel-2 Satellite            
  a Customer: University of Bern     f Hungarian R&D project   g Customer: European Union   f Foaming experiment on ISS     d Experiment device (MGSE)  
  s Mission architect: ESA     a Ministry for National Economy   a Mission architect: Airbus D&S   h Partner: ESA     g Customer: NASA  
  g Implementation: 2013-2017     f Implementation: 2012-2014   f Implementation: 2009-2012   f Implementation: 2007-2010     d Implementation: 2002, 2004  
  ss s s s   esa s s ube nasa  
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GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-01399 Multifunkciós Műhold Radiátor - MMR
(Multifunctional Satellite Radiator)
MMR webpage (Hungarian)  
GINOP-2.1.2-8-1-4-16-2017-00098 Innovatív Szendvicspanel Fejlesztése Műholdakhoz - SPF
(Development of Innovative Sandwich Panels for Satellites)
SPF webpage (Hungarian)