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In organization of city of Miskolc, media representatives visited Admatis.     Representative of Admatis attended the Space Tech Expo held in Bremen.     BÁRCZY Pál, founder of Admatis Ltd. became the Honorary Member of Hungarian Astronautical Society (MANT).     M6 Progress Meeting of the internatational ICARUS project was held in Miskolc.     Sentinel-2B satellite was launched on board with Admatis hardware. Sentinel-2B satellite soon to be launched on board with hardware manufactured by Admatis.



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  d CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite     s Development of Satellite Components   a Sentinel-2 MSI-MMTH   a Foam Casting and Utilization in Space     d Universal Multizone Crystallizator  
  d FPA and FEE radiator development       s Equipment for Sentinel-2 Satellite            
  a Customer: University of Bern     f Hungarian R&D project   g Customer: European Union   f Foaming experiment on ISS     d Experiment device (MGSE)  
  s Mission architect: ESA     a Ministry for National Economy   a Mission architect: Airbus D&S   h Partner: ESA     g Customer: NASA  
  g Implementation: 2013-2017     f Implementation: 2012-2014   f Implementation: 2009-2012   f Implementation: 2007-2010     d Implementation: 2002, 2004  
  ss s s s   esa s s ube nasa  
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