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M6 Progress Meeting of the internatational ICARUS project was held in Miskolc.     Sentinel-2B satellite was launched on board with Admatis hardware..     Sentinel-2B satellite soon to be launched on board with hardware manufactured by Admatis.     Admatis successfully delivered the first batch of Sentinel-2C/D satelitte hardware.     ASuccessfull DRB meeting on Sentinel-2C/D parts.. Admatis succesfully delivered the radiators of CHEOPS satellite.



  d   f   g   d     a  
  d CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite     s Development of Satellite Components   a Sentinel-2 MSI-MMTH   a Foam Casting and Utilization in Space     d Universal Multizone Crystallizator  
  d FPA and FEE radiator development       s Equipment for Sentinel-2 Satellite            
  a Customer: University of Bern     f Hungarian R&D project   g Customer: European Union   f Foaming experiment on ISS     d Experiment device (MGSE)  
  s Mission architect: ESA     a Ministry for National Economy   a Mission architect: Airbus D&S   h Partner: ESA     g Customer: NASA  
  g Implementation: 2013-2017     f Implementation: 2012-2014   f Implementation: 2009-2012   f Implementation: 2007-2010     d Implementation: 2002, 2004  
  ss s s s s   s esa s nasa  
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