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ADMATIS basically has three activity groups that work separatly but strengthten each other:

ADMATIS' activity concept is based on project system. We take part on several tender sessions both of Hungarian and international sources be it for R&D or industrial ones. All awarded projects - roughly 3 pieces yearly - were closed with success, no one abandoned. ADMATIS insists on running high level technical activity all the time. Our competencies are listed in detail below:

Space technics


  • CAD design
  • Structural design
  • Thermal design
  • FEM analysis


  • Surface treatment
    hexavalent and trivalent chromating, passivating
  • Coating
    optical black and white painting
  • Mechanical processes:
    adhesive bonding, assembly, riveting

Developed hardware:

  • Passive thermal flight hardware (ESA-TD21)
    radiators, thermal shields, diffuser screen
  • Optical baffles & supports for satellites (ESA-TD16)
    optical barrel, telescope baffles, baffle vanes, calibration baffles
  • Support equipments for satellites (ESA-TD20)
    brackets, harness supports, tie base spacers, kinematic mounts
  • Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (ESA-TD26)
    integration trolleys, test stands, large ring adapters, test adapters
Material science

Lightweight materials:

  • aluminium honeycomb
  • rohacell foam

Metal foam:

  • development mechanical components from metal foam
  • metal foam patent

Sandwich structures:

  • lightweight sandwich structure development
  • sandwich structure development from aluminium honeycomb
  • sandwich structure development from rohacell

Materials R&D:

  • material science experiments
  • development of raw materials

3D measurement:

  • measurement with FARO Prime 1.8 measuring arm
  • precise dimensional inspection based on CAD model and/or technical drawings,
  • inspection dimensions with traditional tolerance values and GDT features (flatness, position, parallellism, etc.)
  • measurement report preparation (if required)


  • thermal imaging
  • analysis of thermal images
  • maintenance

Cleanroom activities:

  • class 100.000 cleanroom
  • assembly
  • cleaning with UV-lamp