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History in a nutshell

ADMATIS was founded in 2000, but the story started well before. A team of scientists in 1979 have got the challenge to design and prepare a special crystallizer (ABC) for space flight in cooperation with Soviet Interkozmosz. As Soviet Union collapsed cooperation started with NASA on the basis of ABC development project. ABC spent several years in US (Marshall Space Flight Center) accompanied by Hungarian operators. Returning home ABC needed a hosting team to maintain, operate and get money for it. Thus inventors founded ADMATIS Ltd took over all ABC issues by contracting with Miskolc University. Meanwhile experiences convinced NASA and next tender for crystallizer was awarded to ADMATIS to build UMC (Universal Multizone Crystallizer). After it was designed, developed, manufactured and delivered (2002) and successfully tested NASA placed order to ADMATIS for another UMC special version (nicknamed Double Decker). It was delivered in 2004 to take part in Microgravity Research Programme of NASA – Huntsville (Alabama). According to developments one of the two furnaces built in Double Decker UMC can work on 1500 oC operation temperature – just to mention one of many top challenges solved.

Space crystallizer story is a typical Hungarian one. It starts with the perception of a problem followed by decades long continuous developing work driven by some willful obstinate insistence. Characteristic is that the basic idea is strong and lasting, conditions are deficient, the way to acceptance of produced masterwork is hard.
We are convinced that our invented crystallizer is ahead of his time and soon will be accepted to have a wide application practice. No doubt: universal equipments have their own role in the future - and UMC (or its descendants) will fly in space … sooner or later.

A MIR űrállomás Az UMC24-HT 54 a Marshall Space Flight Centerben. Balról - jobbra: Dr.Ching-Hua Su, Dr.Martin Volz és Dr.Marcus Schweizer NASA kutatók az UMC-vel
The MIR space station
The UMC24-HT 54 in Marshall Space Flight Center.
From left to right: Dr.Ching-Hua Su, Dr.Martin Volz and Dr.Marcus Schweizer
NASA researchers with UMC.


A DoubleDecker a cég telephelyén
DoubleDecker before delivery in Hungary

Funny set up process of Double Decker