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ADMATIS basically has three activity groups that work separatly but strengthten each other:

ADMATIS' activity concept is based on project system. We take part on several tender sessions both of Hungarian and international sources be it for R&D or industrial ones. All awarded projects - roughly 3 pieces yearly - were closed with success, no one abandoned. ADMATIS insists on running high level technical activity all the time.

We are satisfied with all our successfully closed projects including following extreamly outstanding ones to be proud of :

Admatis is the only enterprise in Eastern Europe NASA placed order on for development and delivery of an experimental equipment. We gained CCR and Ncage registration as well and became military supplier of US Government.

Space experiment on board of ISS.
It was recently performed in the Columbus model of International Space Station. As the only one of SMEs from Eastern Europe to have access to ISS to accomplish industrial experiment we are glad to state that not only the science ideas but all technical background and preparations was provided by ADMATIS alone.

Designing, development and manufacturing satellite equipments.
ADMATIS is the first in Eastern Europe to win space industry tender for delivery of nearly two dozen of flight parts for SENTINEL-2 satellite.

Metal foam technology patent.
Leading a consortium we develop metal foam production technology to speed up worldwide application of these new materials.

Thermal imaging.
Our recently launched thermography laboratory was visited by EU representative Danuta Hübner to appreciate the project execution - it is listed in "100 of most successful European projects"

As the general manager of ADMATIS is the material science professor in Miskolc University it is easy for the youth to proceed into company activity e.g. in form of preparing their papers or dissertation. The bests of them may later join the growing team of us.