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3D coordinate measurement, wage measurement

At our site (Miskolc) our company undertake to conduct 3D measurements. With our FARO Prime 1.8 mobile measuring arm it is possible to measure parts and components with complicated geomety with high precision. Prime is the most accurate measuring arm of the FARO product family and ideal choice for prototype qualification and to carry out measurements when the product size and/or the complex geometry beyond the traditional measuring capabilities.

Technical data:

  • measurement range:
    • 1.8m diameter sphere (if lower precision also sufficient, measurement range can be increased with moving the arm base),
  • accuracy (from the calibration certificate):
    • repeatability: 0.0083mm,
    • linear accuracy: ±0.0145mm,
  • probes:
    • 2mm zircon ball-probe,
    • 6mm zircon ball-probe,
  • software:
    • CAM2 Measure 10


  • Our measuring arm installed in a Class 100.000 cleanroom, that allows to measure cleanliness sensitive parts.
  • Our measuring table has 900mmx1200mm surface, whereof the effective measurable interface is 700x700mm. To product fixation the table has 50x50mm hole grid with M8 threaded holes, which is possible to fix the most complex parts. The maximum measurable overall product dimension that depends on the geometry and the masurement task is cca. 1200x700x700mm.
  • To ensure the precise measurement, we have special clamps, holders and positional tools that can be attached to the measuring table.

What we offer:

  • precise dimensional inspection based on CAD model and/or technical drawings,
  • inspection dimensions with traditional tolerance values and GDT features (flatness, position, parallellism, etc.)
  • measurement report preparation (if required)

Downloadable documents:

For more information or questions about specific measurement task please contact our colleague:
+36 (46) 898-154

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